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Israeli assault on Gaza

November 16, 2012

For all it’s bluff and bluster, the only real strategic military options that Iran has are Hamas and Hezbollah.  If Israel or the US attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, the main retaliations will come first via an attempt to close the Straits of Hormuz and second via attacks by Hamas and Hezbollah.  It is only the latter that directly impacts Israel.

For that reason, it seems to me that an Israeli assault on Gaza would be a necessary (though not sufficient) precursor to a strike on Iran.


Iran, Hezbollah and the “soft underbelly” of the United States

October 27, 2011

Bret Stephens connects some dots and raises some very disturbing points in this essay.  Is Iran using Hezbollah and other non-traditional combatants to link up with drug cartels and disaffected Latin Americans to attack the United States through it’s “soft underbelly” of Latin America?

Read the whole thing.   And remember, too, that China is also spending money and effort to become a strategic force in South America.    For all the talk of Obama’s foreign policy successes, he has not done much to shore up our southern flank.