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Putin’s Eurasianism

March 3, 2014

I have posted several times on Eurasianism and Russian geopolitical thinker Aleksander Dugin.  Students of either are unsurprised by Russia’s actions in the Ukraine.  Dugin has always seen the world as a contest between land and maritime powers, and the contemporary world as a contest between Russian-led Eurasianism and Anglo-American Atlanticism.  Ukraine is and always […]


The Asian Pivot meets the Indo-Pacific Turn

July 15, 2013

James Rogers writing at European Geostrategy gives a preview and a short summary of his piece “European (British and French) Geostrategy in the Indo-Pacific.”   The full text of the article is published in the Journal of the Indian Ocean Region and is available from journal publisher Taylor & Francis for paid download.   The important part […]


Classical geopolitics and energy geopolitics: a state of play

February 2, 2012

One of the earliest theoretical disputes in classical geopolitics was the relative value of sea power vs. land power.  Alfred T. Mahan was a proponent of the primacy of sea power, while Halford MacKinder believed that if any nation was able to obtain primacy in the Eurasion heartland, then the corresponding landpower would overwhelm the […]