Signs of a geopolitically resurgent Germany

February 7, 2014

European Geostrategy examines some recent speeches and comments from high ranking German leaders and wonders whether Germany is about to shake off its post World War Two exile from the world of geopolitics.  Both Germany and Japan were able to take a multi-decade holiday from the front lines of geopolitical maneuvering, content to work in a supporting role to the US during the Cold War and the brief “unipolar moment” that followed.  But as the American leaders begins to display both a reluctance and an inability to maintain the Pax Americana (in deeds if not yet in words), other nations will have to pick up the slack.  It may simply be that German leaders are just wakening to the fact that they have unwittingly created a virtual European empire with themselves at the center, and are thus just acting on their new responsibilities.



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