China seeks its own shale revolution

November 1, 2013

China has the worlds largest reserves of shale gas – over 1,100 trillion cubic feet (compared to 665 trillion in the US).  However, Chinese shale formations are deeper than those in the US, are embedded in harder rock formations, and are mostly located in arid regions with limited access to water – the key ingredient in hydraulic fracturing.   China has tried several approaches to launching their own shale revolution, including partnering with experienced US firms.   Now, they are financing home grown technological innovations with a goal of maximizing shale gas production within 10 years.    China has the money to afford a crash effort, and such a need for energy that a significant financial return may not be important, but it remains to be seen whether they can match the energy return on energy invested that has really made fracking in the US so promising.

world shale gas reserves


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