Missile vs Missile: Chinese advances, US responses

October 10, 2013

China’s PL13 air to air missile can “run down any potential enemy plane in the world”, including the F-35 which will go operational without an anti-missile defensive capability

But wait . . . Northrop, anticipating this development, has produced (on its own, without an existing government contract), ThNDR, the Threat Nullification Defensive Resource, a sixth generation defensive system that should be able to defeat the PL13.

China has also developed cruise missiles which can be launched from their H-6 heavy bombers, a development that some believe is a bigger threat to US aircraft carriers than their so-called “carrier-killer” land based missiles.

Both types of Chinese missiles are serious threats, but Lockheed continues to upgrade and enhance its Aegis Anti-Missile System, the most advanced anti-ballistic missile system in the world.  Last week, the latest version of Aegis successfully intercepted a medium range ballistic missile.  According to Lockheed:

The Missile Defense Agency (MDA), U.S. Navy and Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] team successfully intercepted a threat representative, medium-range, separating ballistic missile target using the second generation Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) weapon system and SM-3 Block IB guided missile.

By successfully launching, tracking, and engaging the newest medium-range ballistic missile target configuration during this operational test, known as Flight Test – Standard Missile-22 (FTM-22), Aegis BMD continued to demonstrate its capabilities to defend against the world’s increasingly sophisticated ballistic missile threats.  Building on the success of last month’s test (FTM-21), FTM-22 marked the eleventh time the USS Lake Erie (CG 70) and crew have successfully performed in Navy and MDA at-sea test events against cruise and ballistic missile targets using the second generation Aegis BMD System.





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