BMW’s plug in hybrid i3

July 29, 2013

Pressed for time today so just a short post.  I like this first look at the BMW i3 plug in electric hybrid.  Distinctive, forward-looking styling I think is important in the PHEV and EV segments.  Also, commitment to reality – EVs and PHEVs are urban commuters and should be designed and marketed as such.  The Chevy Volt and the high end Teslas fail on both these measures – they are fooling themselves (in Chevy’s case) and deceptive (in Teslas’s) when they pretend to be the equivalent of gas powered, long-haul cruisers, and neither is a strikingly good-looking car (the Tesla shares the same basic profile as every other sedan on the market, while the Volt is just another plain-Jane-destined-to-age-rapidly Chevy).  Contrast that to this BMW, which markets itself as an urban commuter with an 80-100 mile range, and has edgy styling both inside and out.  I am a fan.


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