China’s analysis of US coalitioning moves in the Indo-Pacific

July 24, 2013

A nominally independent Chinese think tank has issued a pair of reports on US and Japanese military capabilities and intentions.  I say “nominally” because it is unlikely that such reports would receive widespread dissemination without official government sanction (The People’s Daily has published both reports in both Chinese and English) .  The report on the US military is here.  From the perspective of this blog, the most interesting section is Chapter Five:  Alliances and Partnerships, which examines the US efforts to strengthen existing alliances and build new ones all through the Indo-Pacific region.  These attempts, which have increased in intensity since the “pivot to Asia” was announced in, are well known.  Still, the perception of these moves by China is interesting and rarely directly heard in the US.  China sees a very clear (and strong) US/Japanese alliance as the centerpiece of a growing network attempting to ring the maritime approaches to China.

The report on Japan is here.  Together, they are an interesting insight into Chinese thinking about ongoing developments in the region.


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