The 1000 Ship Naval Arms Race in the Indo-Pacific

July 23, 2013

In a recent interview with DefenseWorld.net, Bob Nugent, Vice President, Advisory Services, AMI International talked about the naval arms market in the Asian-Pacific region.  AMI is an industry leader in providing information about the world’s navies, and Nugent stated that they expect over the next 20 years that the 16 nations in the region will build “well over 1000” new naval craft, spending about $200 billion.  This does not include the shipbuilding efforts of the US, which although not a geographical member of the region is nonetheless the preeminent naval power.  And it might not count new and non-traditional  platforms such as the Hydra, which I blogged about earlier today.  By the end of the decade, if not sooner (if not already), the stretch of waters from the Andaman Sea to the Sea of Japan will be the most militarized waters in the world.


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