Future Wars: Seven potential conflicts US planners are preparing for

June 21, 2013

Small Wars Journal this month is presenting a long paper examining seven flashpoints around the globe that contain the potential to break into open warfare that draws in the United States.  While the paper seems a bit like a first draft and relies on some sketch sources (e.g., Debka), it is an interesting read.  If any of these flashpoints do explode, there will be no excuse for US planners to be caught flat footed about the nature of the combatants.  One value of the last ten years of warfare is that, should conflict arise again, the US will bring not only the largest military force to the fight, but the most experienced, as well.

The seven are:

Part One: Asia

  1. Siliguri/Sikkim Corridor: Involves India, China, Nepal and Bhutan
  2. Jammu/ Kashmir Corridor: Involves India, Pakistan, China and Afghanistan
  3. South China Sea: Involves China, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and Brunei.

Part Two: Middle East

  1. The Hojjatieh Society: Involves Iran, Israel and the United States.
  2. Sinai Peninsula: Involves Egypt, Israel and Palestine.

Part Three: Western Hemisphere

  1. V.I.R.U.S:  Involves Venezuela, Russia and Iran.
  2. The Border: Involves Mexico, U.S., Drug Cartels, TCOs (Trans-national Criminal Organizations), Terror Organizations

Part One of the paper is here; Part Two is here.  Part Three will be released next week.



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