more on the correlation between GDP growth & carbon fuel use

January 30, 2013

On the same day that the Commerce Department announced that the US economy shrank by .1 percent in the fourth quarter, the American Petroleum Institute issued a summary showing that US petroleum demand has shrunk by 2% for the year.

It cannot be stated often enough:  The economy is a biophysical system that requires energy not only to sustain but to grow.  The health of the economy is fundamentally determined by both the quantity and the quality of its energy inputs.  No alternative energy source will be able to compete with fossil fuels on either measure for the foreseeable future (and, if one is to emerge, it is more likely to be in new generation nuclear power than in renewables).

The Obama Administrations fixation on renewable energy is it’s White Whale, and its hostility to fossil fuels could prove to be its hamartia.




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