on hiatus until January 28

January 18, 2013

here are a few links that I was unable to blog on this week

from the Asia Times, US Pivot sparks Asian Arms Race

from the Global Times, Sea Disputes Bring Unprecedented Challenges for China’s geopolitical planners

Iran and Nigeria:  Friendship or Rivalry from the Alliance Center for Iran Studies

Europe is a web of overlapping and sometimes competing geopolitical interests, and France is the spider in the center of that web, writes Luis Simon at European Geostrategy.  The full paper is behind a pay wall at the journal Geopolitics, but I highly recommend it to anyone with access.

This winter’s issue of the Journal of International Security Affairs (link opens a PDF file) takes a hard look at the challenges facing the Obama Administration in its second term.  The writers at JINSA do not give the administration high grades for its foreign and defense policy initiatives in the first term.


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