A new look at US cultural geography

December 17, 2012

Business geographer Justin Holman has examined interior US geography from a cultural and economic point of view and has conceived of a new map of the nation focusing on micro-regions that he calls “cultural ecoregions.”  I think the map needs more work, but it comes from an accurate theoretical presumption and it is an interesting first pass.

Holman’s American Cultural Eco-Regions



  1. Thanks for taking an interest in this. I agree that the map still needs work. Any specific suggestions?
    Best, Justin

  2. Justin, just going by what I know personally: Appalachia is not limited to the south, it extends through the Eastern mountainous regions all the way into Maine – I mean this as a cultural sense, not just physical geography. I grew up in upstate NY and spent a lot of time in “true” Appalachia, as well.

    Also, I now live in California. The NorCal/SoCal distinction is real, but on the other hand the “San Angeles” corridor from SF to LA has more in common than LA does with Orange & SD counties. There is a nascent secessionist movement that seeks to align those latter two counties with the central valley into a separate state.

    These are just quibbles, though, and not entirely thought out. Your formulation gives me a lot to think about.

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