Will the Taliban claim Pakistan before they reclaim Afghanistan?

November 13, 2012

That outcome is a very real potentiality, if you read this depressing report from India’s Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses:

The Pakistan Army is the only national institution that is still intact and retains its cohesiveness and, therefore, it was expected to protect Pakistan from internal and external threats. Any hopes of Pakistan pulling out of the present sectarian crisis required the Army to not only keep the Islamic zealots under check, but also to support and protect the winds of moderation. However, the Pakistan Army is neither willing to play this role any more, nor seems to have any faith left in its own capabilities. It appears to be readying itself into throwing the towel down.



One comment

  1. The report is only depressing if you actually believe it. Coming from an indian institute, it is obvious that it’s an extremely biased report. What the rest of the world really fails to understand is that these so-called talibans in Pakistan are not linked with the Afghan taliban are in actuality, a rogue rebel militia. It has also been proven by various intelligence sources that the TTP (Pakistani taliban) are actually being funded covertly by RAW (indian military intelligence) to ferment civil war in Pakistan.

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