Petraeus out

November 9, 2012

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post titled “Paula Broadwell:  A Name to Remember.”    Broadwell had worked very closely with General Petraeus and was a public advocate of his counter-terrorism strategies.  I found her writing to be very smart and detailed and predicted that we would be hearing a lot more from her.

I didn’t imagine it would be like this:  Broadwell is the woman Petraeus was having his affair with, and she allegedly had access to Petraeus’ private e-mails – a major security violation.  Petraeus probably could have survived the affair, but that breach of security from the nation’s top spook was fatal.

UPDATE:  Turns out the FBI had been investigating Petraeus/Broadwell for over a year.  Watching the Watchers.  Reminds me of the great German film “The Lives of Others” (if you haven’t seen it, run out and do so).  It also makes me think that, for a certain type of mindset, the ideal candidate for head of the CIA would be someone you are holding paper on . . .


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