The fortune beneath our feet

October 23, 2012

Daniel Yergin points to “the real stimulus” – low cost natural gas and increased domestic production of oil and gas.  The values of aggressively developing all of our native fossil fuel resources are manifold:  as Yergin notes, it is stimulative of the economy; as I have recently noted, it will send trillions of dollars directly into the US treasury; it will erase the trade deficit; it will enhance national security; it will render unto US policy makers our own version of the “energy weapon.”

There is so much benefit that would come from maximizing these resources that it is unconscionable not to seek ways to release them.  This includes, of course, cost effective and efficient ways of minimizing the environmental impact (e.g., CCS and especially CCU).  A Manhattan Project sized approach to this issue would pay for itself and pay dividends to the nation for decades.


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