RIP, Eric Hobsbawm

October 1, 2012

Hobsbawm was a giant in the field of history and a giant in the area of Marxism.  As I have noted before, I tend to lean quite a bit on Marxist theories in my own  analyses, although I consider myself to be politically conservative and mostly disagree with their conclusions.  I never directly cited Hobsbawm, but I do note his influence on many of those I do cite.  In fact, I found myself reading quite a bit of Marxist or neo-Marxist analysis last week, and Hobsbawm’s name came up repeatedly.  It is always sad to mark the passing of such an impressive figure.  I liked this bit from his obituary at The Guardian today:  “Hobsbawm was born in Alexandria, a good place for a historian of empire, in 1917, a good year for a communist.”



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