New book released on contemporary Geoeconomics

June 19, 2012

There is  a school of thought that economic matters are so fundamental in the era of globalization that geoeconomics has surpassed geopolitics in importance.  Personally, I take geoeconomics to be a subset of geopolitics, but that is just a matter of personal pedagogic organization.  Geoeconomics is a crucial area of study whether you think it is a subset of something else or a fundamental, stand alone subject.

Swedish economist Klaus Solberg Søilen’s new book Geoeconomics is now available for free download at Bookboon.com.   I have not read it yet, but I am familiar with other of Soilen’s publications and though I do not fully agree with him, I will read this new effort and recommend it to readers of this blog (especially at this price!).  Publisher’s description:

With the shift from geopolitics to geoeconomics the focus is no longer the Heartland or the Rimland, or any coherent geographical region, but the set of all geographical locations containing economically-important natural resources, what we shall call the Nareland (Natural Resource Lands). This new logic of dispersed geographical locations marks the shift from geopolitics to geoeconomics.

The centre stage has been taken over by the private-sector organization, the corporation. This means that power has been transferred from the public to the private sphere. It means that the nation state is ceding its power to individuals – less in some countries and more in others, for instance less in Sweden than in the USA; but the trend is clear, and it is global.


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