Europeans find their high cost sustainable energy policies are fiscally unsustainable

February 15, 2012

European nations have been leaders in developing “green energy” technologies, and European politicians were for years leaders in promoting policies that subsidized green energy in the belief that they could create economies of scale that would force prices to come down to levels competitive with fossil fuels.  However, in the face of the ongoing financial crisis, governments are being forced to cancel their green energy subsidies and the true cost of these programs can no longer be hidden from consumers.  Across the continent, sustainable energy programs are failing.  This European approach, and in particular the “Spanish Model,” was the foundation of President Obama’s own energy policy.   The failure of government backed green energy programs is playing out a bit differently on this side of the Atlantic, where it often plays out as cronyism and scandal.



  1. Solyndra

  2. Actually, I’ve been using solar for 51 years, since my mom had me hang up clothes for her on a clothes line. Maybe it works better if we believe the Global Warming advocates than it did for my mom and for moms since people first started putting on clothes. Inexpensive and very low tech. I also heat my home with solar…my south facing wall is covered with large windows and it was 22 F last night. I cool my house (I live in the Mojave Desert) in the summer with large shade trees. We open windows on summer nights to allow cool air in, again “low tech”.
    I bought my first solar panels in the 1970s when they were really expensive and not very effective…looks like that is still the case. The only thing I use them for today is to run the pump for my hot tub. The water heats as it travels through black plastic tubing. That’s about the only ‘costly’ high tech solar I use.
    Low tech passive solar is the way to go, even wind power is really using low tech solar since the wind is caused by solar heating of the earth. What have we forgot in this “modern” world.

    • I am a big fan of distributed solar – people like yourself, people who put solar panels on their homes/businesses, etc. “Big Solar,” it seems to me, cannot exist without massive taxpayer subsidies and is at best a boondoggle and at worst a potential cesspool of corruption . . . and, in many cases, we are seeing that you can eliminate the word “potential” from that statement.

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