Shockingly bad Anti-fracking hatchet piece at EER

February 1, 2012

The European Energy Review is one of my favorite sources for information and updates on energy related matters.  I was shocked to see that they re-published a factually challenged, fear-based, eco-baiting piece attacking hydraulic fracturing.   As we have noted in the past, fracking definitely needs to be carefully monitored and regulated, but the claims that fracking is a threat to groundwater contamination are overblown and, at times, largely fraudulent.

The data on groundwater contamination from hydraulic fracturing are clear and overwhelming:  over 20,000 wells have been drilled in the past 10 years, and there have been just 20 cases of groundwater contamination.  That is less than a 1/10 of one percent occurrence rate.

The article that the EER ran was originally published at TomDispatch.org.  On the TopDispatch version of the article, they are hawking a book by their founder titled The United States of Fear, which argues that forces in the nation are using fear (of terrorism, national decline, etc) to boost profits and erode rights.  It is ironic that such a fear-based piece is being used to sell a book warning people about those who would profiteer from fear.


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