US to fill vacant India ambassadorship

January 11, 2012

The position of US ambassador to India has been vacant for over half a year.  President Obama nominated career diplomat Nancy Powell for the position last month, and she awaits Senate confirmation before she can take her seat.    I wrote late last year that I thought Obama would be able to make a strong case for re-election based on foreign policy successes.  However, the apparent disinterest in India is a definite weakness in that foreign policy portfolio.  Other than a 2010 visit long on atmospherics but short on substance, the Obama administration has allowed relations with India to wither.  Regular readers of this blog know that I consider India to be not only a critical geostrategic ally for the US, but also a very possible successor state to the US as the leader of the 500 year old maritime-based world system, the theory of which this entire blog is built upon.  Powell has a long history of experience in India and South Asia and is a strong choice for this crucial post.  This is one post that should be exempt from the political gamesmanship of filibusters and recess appointments that currently defines relations between the Senate and the Presidency.


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