Chinese Energy Geopolitics

January 11, 2012

Alexandros Petersen, writing at Foreign Policy, examines China’s drive to secure energy supplies from Central Asia.   In many ways, China is in the same geopolitical pickle that the Germans found themselves before World Wars I and II:  They lack the natural resources that their growing industrial sector requires, but they are geographically constrained by the Russian giant on the land side and by the overwhelming naval power of America and her allies on the maritime side (Britain and her allies in Germany’s case).  As with Germany before, the vast spaces and resources of the Eurasian Heartland are issuing a siren call.  There, they cannot help but bump up against long time Russian interests and influence.  The single most important geostrategic goal for the West in general and for the US in particular is to prevent a strong alliance between China and Russia (as it was to prevent a permanent linkage between Germany and Russia in the last century).


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