Methanol powered cars

December 2, 2011

Bob Zubrin describes how, with a few minor modifications that cost less than a dollar, he modified a 2007 Chevy Cobalt to run on 100% methanol fuel.  On methanol, he was able to achieve over 24 miles per gallon in the vehicle.

This is a big deal because methanol can be made from American sourced raw materials – biomass or the massive US reserves of natural gas and coal.  Also, methanol is a high octane fuel (109, much higher than the normal choices of 87, 89 and 91 at most gas stations and higher even than the “high performance” 100 octane gasoline available at a few), and it is thus both more efficient and produces more horsepower.

Zubrin has long been a champion of an open fuel standard – let the market decide which fuel is best, not politicians and regulators.  An open fuel standard would not only put us on the path to energy independence, it would also help jump start the economy.

Read the whole thing.



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