US combat ready force set to range across Central Africa

October 14, 2011

100 combat ready US troops have been deployed to Uganda with the mission of “removing from the battlefield” (i.e., kill or capture) Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army.

After the initial deployment to and buildup in Uganda, the force will be active all across Central Africa, with action anticipated in South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Generally speaking, I support the use of US military power across the globe.  I only ask that the exercise of force be done with clear geostrategic goals in mind, and that those goals be made explicit to the American public.  I supported Iraq because I knew that unlocking the oil stores that were underdeveloped under the Hussein regime was crucial to the world economy.  I supported Libya for the same reason.  I do not understand this deployment.  You can make an argument that the US should be heavily engaged in Central Africa because of the treasure trove of resources in the region that will become increasingly important in decades to come, but this tiny deployment, chasing a bandit across national lines thousands of miles from home with no clear strategic advantage to the US even if successful, is of dubious value.


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  1. […] constellation of secret drone bases” across East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, and news earlier this month that an American combat team had been deployed to Uganda to kill or capture Lord’s Resistance […]

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