On the lighter side . . .

October 10, 2011

Lazy day for me, not going to post anything serious, but will be back with posts tomorrow.

In the meantime, check out this video from Zucotti Park of a local NYC character known as “the Fart Smeller.”  Yes, a guy who gets off smelling women’s farts.  He has joined the Occupy Wall Street protests as a voice for the rights of “guys like me, who can’t get women.”  He claims that the women of OWS should be willingly “helping out” guys like him – they want a perfect world, and in a perfect world every guy gets hot chicks!  One woman obliges him – on camera – and he is enraptured.  “That’s like the Taliban putting down their weapons!  A woman’s power base is her ass, and by letting me put my face in her ass, that’s like the Taliban putting down their weapons.”

Fart Smeller is in no way indicative of the larger populace at OWS – I don’t think any one person could be, the goals of those in attendance are so disparate.  Rather, he is just another fiber in the odd human tapestry.  The videographer, Normal Bob Smith, documents many other such oddly compelling characters, recently at Zucotti Park but primarily at his normal stamping grounds at Union Square.


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