The sometimes crazy energy geopolitics of the Caspian basin

September 29, 2011

Wow, look at the title of this post from The Bug Pit:

Is Russia Training Kazakhstan’s Military To Protect American Oil From Iranian Attack?

The story is neither as straightforward nor as provocative as the headline, but it is still an important read for those interested in the geopolitics of energy – I encourage everyone to go read the whole post.  For those who just want a summary:  most of the nations in the Caspian basin are (at least potentially) energy rich but militarily weak.  There are only two strong militaries in the region – Iran and Russia.  Everyone seems to agree that Iran is a threat, and Russia would prefer to be the guarantor of security in the region, rather than see further encroachment of the US (already in the region through it’s NATO junior partners Georgia and Azerbaijan).

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