European Grand Strategy

September 14, 2011

James Rogers, Ph.D. candidate at Cambridge, presents a diagram of the strategic and security considerations that inform the developing pan-European grand strategic concept:

I would note two things.  First, although Rogers has a sphere representing Atlanticism (the Atlantic Alliance in the lower right quadrant), he does not acknowledge the countervailing (if still nascent) force of Russian Eurasianism under Putin.  Along those lines, to me, the obviously missing piece here is great power conflict.  All possible peer or near-peer competitors with Europe are grouped as either Strategic Partners (BRIC) or true allies (US).  Russia has already signaled a willingness to play upon Europe’s energy dependency (which Rogers does note in the upper left quadrant) and to use it’s “energy weapon;”  while China is locking up exclusive energy rights across the globe.   Energy is the lifeblood of both industry and modern agriculture, and the need to maintain access to it is more than a “post modern weakness,” it is a likely source of significant future conflict.


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