Carbon Capture and Sequestration in the News

September 12, 2011

Two big stories today on CCS efforts.  First, from Scientific American, a description of Archer Daniels Midland’s large scale CCS program.  ADM will capture carbon emissions from an ethanol facility and pump it deep underground for storage in a large saline formation centered on the state of Illinois (but also in two other states).  If successful, the process can also be used at coal fired plants throughout the midwest.

The ADM project is an important move forward on CCS because other projects are being abandoned due to lack of government funding, while at the same time – due to rapid economic development around the world – the amount of CO2 entering the atmosphere is greater than even the worst-case estimates of a decade ago.  S. Julio Friedman lays out the importance of – and the roadblocks to – CCS in an important new piece at Foreign Affairs.


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