New book on the war for Iraqi #Oil #geopolitics

August 29, 2011

A new book from Gregg Muttitt understands that the war for Iraqi Oil was never a ham-fisted, neo-colonial adventure to simply seize the resources for Western use.    All that the US required was for the vast Iraqi supply to be finally unlocked and released to the world market.  The US interest is in the market itself, not necessarily any of the individual players.  I have not yet read Muttitt’s book, but from this interview he seems to have only gotten part way to the underlying strategic impetus behind the US liberation of the Iraqi petroleum industry.  The US/UK international market approach to oil runs counter to the resource nationalist approach favored by belligerent producers such as Russia, Venezuela and Iran and to the petro-mercantilist model favored by rising power China and others.   Certainly, companies such as Halliburton and BP profited from the war and its aftermath, but enriching them  was never the larger goal

Of course it was about the oil.  But oil, as the most versatile energy source known, is the key to building prosperity and liberty.


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