EnerGeoPolitics defined

August 25, 2011

Thanks to a generous link from Instapundit, this site is experiencing a rush of new readers.   I have received a couple of emails asking me just what the theme of this site is, and I do admit that, up until now, there has been no defining statement.  I am a research analyst and geographer with a primary interest in classical and neo-classical  geopolitics.  In particular, I believe that energy will be the most important geopolitical driver for at least the first third of this century.    I also subscribe to George Modelski‘s formulation of the Long Cycle Theory of hegemonic change, and from that I believe that we are nearing the end of the current US-dominated period and entering the final phase of coalitioning in advance of some type of macro-decision between the reigning hegemon (the US) and the challenger (China), which, in periods past, has meant global war (but which could involve conflict other than full scale war this time around).  I blog about various aspects of energy and geopolitics that I believe fit into that ongoing story.

I am currently at work on a long monograph on energy geopolitics and long cycle theory.  For those who may be interested, an introduction to that paper can be found here.

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  1. […] Union did for so long.  I humbly submit that an awareness of Long Cycle Theory in general and EnerGeoPolitcs in particular might go a long way toward creating that consensus.  We are nearing the endpoint of […]

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