Congress needs a Shale Caucus

August 25, 2011

At the end of yesterday’s post about critiques of the Administration’s shale policy by Colorado Congressmen Lamborn and Tipton, I suggested that Congress should form a Shale Caucus made up of members from states with interests in both shale oil and shale gas (there is already a nascent Marcellus shale caucus, but that is limited both to nat gas and to a specific region).  A Shale Caucus would be bipartisan, as there are members of both parties that are interested in safely, soundly and effectively bringing these vast resources to market.  An organized Shale Caucus would be better able to challenge the Administration and to shape sensible national policies.  It would be at the forefront of economic recovery in the near term and ongoing growth in the long term, as a Shale Economy would both create new jobs (directly and indirectly) and generate new government revenues in the form of leases and royalties.

Look at the map below.  If you live in a shale state, contact your Senators and Representatives and push the idea of a bipartisan Shale Caucus.


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