House GOPers criticize Obama shale oil policy

August 24, 2011

via Platts:

US oil shale development has been needlessly stalled by the Obama administration’s reexamination of a Bush-era policy that opened 2 million federal acres to possible commercial-scale production, Republicans on a House of Representatives energy panel said Wednesday.

Representatives Doug Lamborn and Scott Tipton, both Colorado Republicans, criticized the Department of Interior’s February decision to take a new look at a November 2008 federal rule for commercial development of oil shale.

At a field hearing of the House Energy and Minerals Resources Subcommittee in Grand Junction, Colorado, the pair couched the oil shale policy in the same terms House Republicans have approached other energy issues this session, saying federal regulations should not stand in the way of industry creating jobs, reducing oil imports and increasing national security.

“The road to viability for the oil shale industry is reliant on a predictable regulatory structure and an environment in which companies can invest in research and development and create jobs,” Tipton said. “The proper implementation of our environmental and safety regulations already on the books is a far better strategy than adding additional layers of bureaucracy to the process.”

Representatives from shale oil states should form an alliance with those from shale gas states and form a Shale Caucus to push shale energy issues in the Congress.  Such a caucus would be bipartisan, as there are regional supporters of shale development on both sides of the aisle.  You can send support to Representative Lanborn here and to Representative Tipton here.  Congresspersons only accept email originating from zip codes within their districts, but you can use the contact information to write, call or fax if you are outside their districts and still want to voice support.



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