The World’s Most Pirate Infested Waters

August 15, 2011

Marine Insight presents a list of the ten most troublesome piracy zones in the world.   There is a lot of double-counting in their list, which basically covers four areas:  The Straits of Malacca, the South China Sea, the Arabian Sea including the Gulfs of Aden and Oman and extending into the greater Indian Ocean, and the Gulf of Guinea.   To this you can add the legendary Spanish Main, El Caribe, as the 2010 Piracy Incident Map from the IMB Piracy Reporting Center shows, and you can see the real Top 5 Piracy zones.

This graphically illustrates that India is both the nation whose commerce faces the greatest threat from piracy, and also why that nation is most strategically positioned to take the lead in combating the threat.  Yet another reason why India’s ongoing naval buildup should continue.


  1. there are so many items that world institutions and government do not take enough seriously. Otherwise, they would be putting aside greedy aims and starting to think that all of us are WORLD CITIZENS and anything happening anywhere in the planet is a global problem, global and individual… Let’s focus in that wordly global idea of the things… At least, let’s start us, the individuals…

  2. […] routes from Asia to Europe and the East Coast of North America would be much shorter (and safer, due to the increase in piracy in the southern chokepoints).  Strategically, a seasonally ice free Arctic changes geostrategic calculations that have been in […]

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