PLA General Claims Chinese “Carrier Killer” Missile Not Operational

July 12, 2011

However, as Andrew Erickson warns:

” . . . it would be a mistake to assume that China’s DF-21D ASBM lacks what the U.S. military would consider to be lower-end “operational” capabilities just because it apparently does not yet meet General Chen’s definition.  . . . Definitional issues aside, the bottom line is that General Chen would likely not be mentioning China’s ASBM in public if the PLA were not confident that it was maturing effectively and already had reached the necessary development level to begin to credibly shape regional strategic thinking in Beijing’s favor.”

Also, neither we, the lay public, nor the Chinese military strategists can know for sure what  operational status of  the US Navy’s most advanced anti-ASBM technology has achieved.   We do know that the Navy has been working the ASBM problem for half a century and has deployed successive upgraded classes of Aegis ships for several decades.


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