GM EN-V: a glimpse at sad, limited future

July 12, 2011

“General Motors Shows Vision of Urban Mobility” writes John Madslien at BBCNews, describing the unveiling of GM’s Segway-derived concept car that many hope to be the future of urban commuting.

EN-V stands for Electronic Networked Vehicle.  The car is supposedly “smart” in that it communicates with other “smart” vehicles in its vicinity and uses other sensors that allows it to avoid crashes (which, the engineers assure us, is why it can be so flimsily constructed).  The EN-V has a top speed of 25 mph and a range of 25 miles per charge.

25 miles at 25 mph is not mobility.

If this is the future of personal transportation, then it is a bleak, dystopian future.  Remember, from the days of the first European settlers of the New World – and even going back to those Asiatic settlers who braved the Bering Land Bridge – the entire history of the United States has been one of freedom of transit.  One of the primary themes of this blog is that Mobility is Freedom, and any scheme hatched by self appointed technocrats that limits mobility should be viewed with caution, if not met with outright resistance.

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