EIA estimates at least 750 trillion cubic feet of recoverable shale gas

July 11, 2011

In a review of shale gas and shale oil resources in the US, the Energy Information Agency has concluded that the total recoverable shale gas resource is 750 trillion cubic feet – and, if anything, that number is likely to rise with better technology and recovery processes.  US consumption is currently around 21 TCF per year, and is projected to climb slowly to 26 TCF by 2035.  That means there is roughly 3 centuries worth of natural gas embedded in our domestic shale.  If we work to maximize this bonanza, of course, then consumption should increase much more than the current projections, as gas can substitute for both coal and oil consumption.  Nonetheless, this report emphasizes the enormous vastness of this energy supply.  There is a fortune beneath our feet.  If we find the political will to maximize it, the money that would flow into both national and state treasuries via leases, royalties and taxes (both corporate and payroll from the thousands of new jobs that would be created) would go a long way to solving our financial woes.

Natgas fracking promises a relief to both our energy and our fiscal woes.   Below is a map of the various states that stand to profit from natural gas.  It is time for a system of regional political alliances to bypass the old Republican/Democratic political divide and supercharge the natgas boom.



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