NY Times Frack Attack Draws Many Rebuttals

June 29, 2011

Last weekend, the New York Times published a major story that claimed the perceived boom in shale gas would turn out to be an uneconomic “Ponzi scheme.”   The story from what is still the nation’s paper of record poured a lot of cold water on the natgas fracking fever.

However, multiple outlets this week have fired back at the Times and reporter Ian Urbina, claiming that the piece was not journalism but rather a polemical attack that cherry picked quotes and data and ignored anything that disproved the central thesis.

The debate is ongoing.  EnerGeoPolitics is definitely in favor of fracking and believes it is a crucial development in the future energy mix of this nation and the world.  But readers should decide for themselves.  Below are several of the rebuttals leveled at Urbina and the Times.  Read them all and draw your own conclusions:

Chesapeak Energy statement (Chesapeake was directly attacked in the Times article)

IHS Drilling Data (another org directly mentioned in the article)

Ken Medlock from the Baker Institute

Wall Street Journal rebuttal

Michael Levi, Council on Foreign Relations Fellow for Energy and Environment

In addition, Energy in Depth compiled a comprehensive list of statements that can be found here (note – some of these statements are pulled from the full articles linked above).



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