DoD Operational Energy Plan is a fizzle

June 17, 2011

Six months late, the Department of Defense delivered its Operational Energy Plan.  Although applauded by some environmentalists, the plan has been widely panned as a bumper sticker approach devoid of details.    The National Journal tried to be supportive, calling it a “sweeping energy strategy,” but then gave away their real feelings by summing it up thusly:  “Right now, the energy strategy consists of a new office, a new way of thinking about energy, and a three-point plan laid out in an 11-point memo that’s full of slogans but short on specifics”

The DoD’s own Dan Nolan’s DOD Energy Blog ripped the plan, saying it landed “with all the impact of a low velocity marshmallow.”    Read the whole post, then go to the home page and read their dissections of the individual service plans.


One comment

  1. The DOD Energy Blog is in no way affiliated with the Department of Defense. It is an independent observer and the opinions expessed are those of the authors alone. Dan Nolan, co-author, the DOD Energy Blog

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