Outsourcing Pollution

October 21, 2010
from The Guardian:

the 27 nations of the European Union have cut their emissions by 17% since 1990.  The European Environment Agency gives themselves a big pat on the back for this effort.

However, an independent European think tank has measured EU consumption and has determined that consumption has increased by 40% over the same period.

So, they are able to mask their growth in consumption and meet Kyoto targets by moving much emission-intensive manufacturing to developing nations.

China and other nations believe that they should not be held accountable for creating more pollution, it is the fault of the nations to which they are selling their products.

Such is the folly of international climate agreements.  Western nations will meet them by moving emission-heavy activities overseas, where host nations will say they are not responsible.  Green politicians will point with pride to their “reduced emissions,” while global pollution actually increases.  And nobody takes responsibility for it.


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