Turkey, Iran and Russia meet ahead of important SCO summit

June 8, 2010

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit will convene tomorrow (6/9) in Tashkent.  Among the topics of conversation will be expansion of the group, with Iran, India and Pakistan all conjectured to be among the candidates.

But today, ahead of those meetings, the heads of state of Turkey and Iran met with SCO co-leader Russia for a summit in Istanbul.  Might Turkey push for admission into the group?  Turkey and Iran make a lot of sense from a geopolitical standpoint, especially if Putin has embraced the notion of “Eurasianism,” as has been often rumored but never publicly acknowledged.

The NY Times thinks the Istanbul meeting is interesting because of tomorrow’s UN debate on a new round of sanctions targeted on Iran, but they have missed the bigger picture of geopolitical coalitioning.  The trend of US decline in the region continues . . .

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