What is Jindal waiting for?

May 25, 2010

Why is the governor of Louisiana still waiting for the federal government to act?  Why is he waiting for those “federal permits” to build the sand berms off the coast?  He should just do it.  He should order the Louisiana National Guard to appropriate the Corps of Engineer equipment and supplies – by force if necessary – and just do the job themselves.

Frankly, a constitutional crisis over such actions would do even more for Jindal’s political fortunes than the berms would do for the coastline.  If the Feds want to come in afterward and punish him for his unpermitted actions, so much the better.  If he still harbors any dreams of running for president, getting arrested by federal marshals for standing up to an unpopular president and taking action to defend his state would put him back on the presidential contender map, a place he has not been since his disastrous SOTU response last year.

Of course, the answer might be that he is just another overly cautious, hack politician – who is not really interested in leading, only in winning the next election.  Maybe he doesn’t have the guts to make such a ballsy move.


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