Monday morning links

April 12, 2010

Here are a few stories I came across in the past few days.  This is a holding post while I work on a more detailed post for this afternoon or evening.

Brazil tried to auction carbon credits for a voluntary carbon markets scheme, but failed to attract a single bid.

Navy’s unmanned SOLO-TREC sub harnesses the energy in ocean currents to produce more energy than it uses.

Linking offshore wind sites through a shared cable can minimize or even halt power fluctuations inherent in single site approaches.

China is in negotiations with over a dozen nations as it plans to build three large scale, high speed rail lines. The first will transit south to Singapore, a Central line will move west through Central Asia and terminate in Tehran, and a northern line will run through the gas rich regions of Russia to Eastern Europe, with a potential terminus some day in London (an imagined express train would make a trip from Beijing to London a 2 day affair).  This is being peddled as a public good being offered by China, but such a plan has tremendous geopolitical implications and motivations behind it.  Notice that each line reaches into areas important for China’s insatiable energy importation needs.

In re China’s energy needs, Sinopec is purchasing Conoco Phillips’ stake in Syncrude.  Syncrude is a leader in the processing of Canada’s oil rich tar sands into a usable commodity.

Along those lines, the Chinese economic behemoth posted it’s first trade deficit in 6 years in March, in large part due to the cost of imported energy.


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