A bit on Palin

August 29, 2008

I don’t know all that much about Governor Palin, John McCain’s selection as his VP.  However, I do know that she is strong on drilling, including the opening up of ANWR for exploration.  As the Biden selection led me to wonder whether that meant Obama would endorse “The Biden Plan” for Iraq, so does this selection lead me to wonder whether McCain will change his position on ANWR?

A couple of other tidbits I have come across this week that I’ll throw in here to close out the week.  First, which I found via the Instapundit earlier this week (and, Instapundit is a great source for finding energy technology stories), is a story about developments in the use of nanotechnology in the harvesting of solar energy.

Second, Megan McArdle at The Atlantic has an informative post on the prospects for the “Hydrogen Economy.” Note especially her warnings about the assumptions – on both the left and on the right – that simply investing enough money will create a substitute for petroleum.   In the near and well into the middle term, petroleum will enjoy a significant price and infrastruture advantage.  So, in the near and middle terms, maximize petroleum supplies will remain crucial, which brings us back to the selection of Sarah Palin as the GOP VP.  Of the four principles now engaged, I would say she is the best energy candidate so far.  Now, I’d like the two campaigns to give us a hint of who they would name as their Energy Secretary.  Personally, I think one of the best candidates in either party is Brian Schweitzer, and Obama could go a long way with me if he would use the Montana Governor to effect in this campaign.


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