Nebraska Power harvesting the wind

August 4, 2008

Interesting New York Times story on the growth of wind farms in Nebraska (hat tip:  Instapundit).   The most interesting part, for me, is that the Nebraska Public Power District has (a) set a goal of deriving 10% of its power from wind “within a decade or so” – which I would take to be 2020 – and (b) committed to purchasing wind power from private developers.  This should be a model for other states in the Wind Corridor of the Great Plains – commit to purchasing power from private wind farms, instead of (or, at least, in addition to) large, publicly funded wind farms.  Let the market work for you, let the speculative and entrepreneurial energy of Americans lead the way.  The idea of a massive, trillion dollar government project is one that will be filled with fraud, waste and abuse.  Let the wildcatters (Windcatters?) show the way.


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